Our Creative Process for Ideas


Great projects start with listening.

At AHAdams&Company, we believe ideas can come from anyone involved in a project at any time, and every person has the potential to provide insight to contribute to the project. We begin each project within a context; it is a discipline where we look to inspire the best ideas and innovation to achieve our client’s goals.

We Listen.
We seek to understand our client, the environment, appropriate technology, perceptions, and constraints
about the project. Later in our process we will often
challenge those constraints, but our first task is to understand our client’s perceptions and the environment we will be working in.

We Observe.
We look at the people involved to find out what they need. We test our client’s perceptions to discover what they think works, and if they don’t have ideas about what will work for them, we ask them what they like or dislike, where they have real or latent needs, wants, what confuses them. We ask questions to look for those concepts and points where we can find influences and the environmental context which defines ideas.

We Visualize.
To find new solutions we begin to visualize ideas, concepts, organizational structures, and processes to get ideas that work for our clients.  This is where people often think that we leave the project, go away and come back with that “great idea” and present it as the solution. We don’t. We see this phase as the most interactive and creative part of the process. We engage our client’s in brainstorming, role playing, benchmarking, prototyping — we create visual references to help our client see and understand possible solutions. We want our clients to experience first-hand how we work and engage them in an interactive process that, at the end, they see can portray a future solution before it becomes reality.

We Evaluate.
No idea is so good that it can’t be improved upon. We plan for a number of improvements through every aspect of the design; we refine and rework our ideas to be “on target.” We get input from our team, from the client, from people who will understand the process or project. We listen and watch for what works and what doesn’t, where people seem confused, and what they like. We incrementally improve the design. Each incremental improvement will get our clients and us closer to the final phase.

We Implement.
This phase is the longest and the most technically challenging in the process. It is where we take the ideas and concepts we have developed with our client and turn them into reality. It is our professionalism as pragmatic idealist, serving our clients, where successful implementation imparts credibility to all the creative work that has gone before.

We have demonstrated that this simple methodology
works for everything from a residential addition to complex medical facilities.

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We Learn. We observe. We visualize. We evaluate -> We implement