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New Materials to Generate Electricity

Advanced Materials for Thermoelectric Devices

We see an opportunity to generate electricity from low grade waste heat through the application of Thermoelectric semiconductors.  Thermoelectric semiconductor materials are recognized as having the potential to provide clean, reliable and highly effective cooling, refrigeration and energy harvesting solutions. Typical electricity generation processes burn fossil fuels generating heat that is then used to produce power in a series of efficiency-robbing mechanical steps. A staggering 50 to 60% of this heat is wasted due to technology limitations. Furthermore, passive or active cooling techniques are often required to mitigate the damaging effects this heat can have on operating equipment and electronic systems.

A new company, Phononic Devices (http://www.phononicdevices.com) is an ARPA-E awardee commercializing advanced materials nano-engineered to recapture this waste heat and convert it into useable electric power, or conversely, to provide highly efficient refrigeration and cooling. Phononic Devices’ proprietary thermal-to-electric approach is designed to make possible a more than $35B market opportunity.  AHAdams&Company is exploring the potential and opportunities to design the use of Thermoelectric semiconductors into a project.