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Arthur Hall Adams receives Drexel University Award

On May 7, Arthur Hall Adams will receive the Mary S. Drexel Award from the Irick Society of Drexel University.  This award, named for Mrs. George W. Childs Drexel, was established in 1933 to honor an outstanding member of Drexel University who earned a degree through Drexel Evening College of Professional Studies.  The Awards selection committee has considered well over one hundred alumni each year before making its selections, Arthur was selected this year for his service to Drexel and his achievements as a Architect.  Arthur has been acknowledged by Drexel University previously and is the past recipient of the Drexel University Richard C. Goodwin College of Professional Studies Speciality Award (2007), Distinguished Member Award Mary S. Irick Drexel Society (2008), and the Drexel University Key D Award (2009).